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Made of natural ingredients, moreover, ‘NaturSlim’ product uses no synthetic ingredients. Its formula is proven effective in controlling obesity problems. NaturSlim has passed a pre-clinical testing done in the faculty of University of Indonesia, and the result has shown that it is harmless to consume and does not cause any side effects to the body organ.

Natural materials composing the ‘NaturSlim’ product are as follow:
Dutch Teak Leaves Extract => proven to reduce clot of fat in the stomach and waist, as well as helping to stretch out hobbling body parts/muscle.

Seaweed => containing fibers and helping digestive system, ease waste excretion process and helps absorbing excess liquid and body fat.

Rhei Radix Extract => helps to relieve excretion and lessening absorption of body-fat.


Every tablet contains:

Rhei Radix
Guazumae Folium1500
Glacilaria sp


  • Reducing excess body-fat around stomach and thigh.
  • Promote digestion and relieve excretion system.


Take 3–6 pills regularly at night time before bed, until expected result is indicated.

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